Guaranteed Sign-ups

Our Guaranteed Sign-up program sends real people directly to your website so they can sign up for free information. Examples of a valid GSU would be a request to be on an email list, receive a newsletter, complete an application for a free membership, complete an online form to receive special offers, coupons, or free trials. It can be used to register for affiliate marketing programs, network marketing, multilevel marketing (MLM), traffic exchange members, or any offer that is free. Signup traffic is from the United States exclusively, so your site must be in English. If you are promoting a program that is masked or inside frames, we reserve the right to change the promotional URL to reflect the exact, true location of the signup. We guarantee you will receive only real human visitors and signups, no bots or spam. Our visitors are trackable through Google Analytics. The less information you require on your signup form, the more likely visitors will signup for your program. Name and email address are usually sufficient.

The following are not allowed:
• Signups that require a user to view a movie or introduction longer than 30 seconds before providing them with an option to signup
• Sites where the visitor is required or requested to give credit card information or a personal identification number (e.g. social security number)
• Sites that require making a payment of any type during the signup process
• Signups that require a user to submit multiple pages of information
• Adult websites

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